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God Bless America - HRC Military Members - God Bless Canada

HRC Members, If you or a member of your immediate family is serving in the Armed Services, please email the information to the Administrative Secretary, Secretary@H-R-C.org.

We want to encourage the entire HRC Family to send notes and/or emails of encouragement, support and appreciation to these patriots and their families as they serve our Countries.

yellowribbonPlease keep these members in your prayers! yellowribbon

flagMajor Jason Adams delployed to Iraq in October 2009. He was assigned to 2BCT, 10th Mountain Division (Light), Fort Drum, NY.

8/4/10 - I am proud to report that Jason is HOME safe and sound!

He wrote today and said "I just wanted to write to you guys and let you know that I am home safe and sound and that the dogs and I are getting each other back into hunting shape for the fall and we will be hitting the HT trail again in the spring. We will be doing HRC as well as AKC HTs. Thank you all for your continued support of this nation's military sons and daughters."

THANK YOU, Jason for your service to our Country!

flag Ralph W Linkenhoker, III is currently deployed aboard the aircraft carrier CVN 65, USS Enterprise. He is a Petty Officer First Class Aviation Ordnance man. His job is to build and deliver bombs, missiles and rockets used by Navy Aircraft as they fly sorties (missions) into enemy territory. He has been in the Navy for 7 years; he married last December and had to leave his bride in May of this year. The ship is scheduled to return to Norfolk Naval Air Station this month. He served aboard the amphibious Marine support ship LDH-7 USS Iwo Jima for the first four years of duty. He is dedicated to the Navy, loves his job and has made his entire family, including his late Grandfather Chief Petty Officer Ralph W Linkenhoker, Sr., USN Retired, very proud. As a child I raised him around the Hunt Test game, you have probably met him. He served as bird boy in many of Colorado River Retriever Clubs Hunt Test. Just before deployment, he purchased his first Lab, a female he calls Penny. He is looking into getting involved in the Hunt Test game as soon as he gets back. We all are very excited he is on his way home and I know one little girl in Hampton, VA that will be waiting dock side when that big ship rolls in.

Ralph is the son of Ralph Linkenhoker, Jr., who has been a member of HRC since 1990 and a member of Colorado River RC. We all wish Ralph III a speedy and safe return home! THANK YOU, RALPH!

WELCOME HOME, RALPH! Thank you for your service to all of us!

flag Major David E. Cooper - 36 CAB (Combat Aviation Brigade) from Ft. Hood, Texas. Stationed at Camp Anaconda, Balad Iraq.

DAVID'S ADDRESS: Major David E. Cooper, HSC, 449th, LSA Anaconda, APO AE 09391

David deployed to Iraq on 8/21/06. He and Mellisa have been members of HRC since 1992. David has served HRC as Field Representative for Region 3 and on several National Committees. Their home is Alabama but military transfers had him in Virginia where he served as Field Representative and most recently in Kansas where he was instrumental in developing Clubs in that area. Mellisa and their 'HRC kids', HRCH Shaq, HRCH Zeke & Lady, are back in Alabama near her family and David's parents while David is deployed.

David 'happened to be in the area' of the 2006 Board of Directors Meeting in Memphis in June and surprised us all when he dropped in - in his Flight Suit (I kept looking to see where he had the parachute)! It was wonderful to see him & we all had a wonderful 'hug-fest'!

I hope Mellisa does not mind, but I want to share a few of her words that show what outstanding Americans David & Mellisa are. We are so proud to know both of them and to have them in the HRC Family.

Melissa wrote: "David sees it as an honor to go over and serve in Iraq. We love our country and I'm so proud of him. Think of him (us) please when you see our beautiful flag flying proudly - that's why he's there. I know I'm not going through anything that thousands of spouses before me have already done and I'll support David to the end. He's truly the love of my life."

I will get mail and e-mail information for David from Mellisa posted as soon as I can. Mellisa's e-mail address is mellisacooper@gmail.com Please add David & Mellisa to your Prayers and a special prayer that Zeke & Shaq who are 'seniors' now, be there to help welcome David when he returns home safely.



Lady LadyCooper


We are taking care of 'Mom'! Be safe and come home soon! Love you!

8/26/07 - HE'S BACK!!!!!!! WELCOME HOME, DAVID!!!!!!

flag 1st Lt. Christian Schleider just returned from a year long deployment in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, following a year long deployment to the Republic of Korea. Christian is an Active Duty Army Officer assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 17th Field Artillery as part of the 2nd Infantry Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team. His unit has now redeployed to Ft. Carson, Colorado. He will be married on 1 October in Ft. Worth, Texas to Jessica Campbell. Both are Texas Christian University graduates, and are dying to get married following his two year stint outside the country.
Christian is the son of Chip Schleider, Vice President of Rappahannock River RC in Virginia.

Welcome HOME, Christian! THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US! All of our very best wishes on your upcoming marriage to Jessica!

flag CPL Andrew D. Reinhart, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines Weapons Company, USMC, is part of overall Operation Mountain Fury with the II Marine Expeditionary Force serving in Afghanistan. Their primary mission is to "locate, close with and destroy the enemy". Andrew is the son of Denny Reinhart, President of the Ohio HRC. 10/7/04 ANDREW IS BACK FROM AFGHANISTAN and at Camp Lejeune, NC

UPDATE 3/21/05 - Andrew has been promoted to Corporal and was deployed to Iraq on March 4, 2005. His company is taking place in security operations ( cleaning out insurgents ) in and around Falluja.

Upldate 10/17/05 - Andrew returned from Iraq on October 12th which was also his birthday. What a great birthday present!!! He's currently stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC and has re-enlisted for four more years. - Welcome HOME and our heartfelt thanks to you, Andrew!

flag CPT Jim Young of North Pole, AK has been deployed to Iraq. Jim is the commander of B Co 411th Engineer Bn. Jim was in the active army for 9 years and has been in the reserves for 7 years. Jim and his wife Sherri are members of Interior Alaska HRC. Sherri will be holding down the fort at home with their four children and five labs. Sherri: mallardhen@aol.com 5/1/05 JIM IS HOME SAFELY! Welcome HOME AND THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!
flag Steve Markway, BES CMR452 BOX 15, APO AE 09045 - Steve & Melissa have been members since 1996 and are members of Midway HRC.
flag Greg Monroe, 279TH BSB UNIT 27535 BOX 2352, APO AE 09139. Greg has been a member since 1991 and belongs to Coastal Empire HRC. 8/10/04 GREG IS HOME SAFELY! Welcome HOME AND THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!
flag Lt Col. David S. Louder III, MD, CMR 402 Box 1109, PO AE 09180. David is the son of Cam Tullis, member of HRC since 1987 and is a member of Deep East Texas HRC. He has been stationed at the Army's Landstuhl Military Hospital near Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany for 6 years. David assisted in the care of the causalities from the USS Cole bombing.
flag SGT Karen Hall is a ch-47 mechanic with "B" Company 159th Aviation Regiment HAAF Ga. Karen served in the Afghanistan for 13 months after 9-11 and is currently in Iraq - Operation Iraq Freedom. Karen Hall has been in the military for 7 yrs. Karen is the sister of Debbie Benton who is the secretary for Wild Wings HRC and has been a member since May 93. KAREN HAS RETURNED FROM DOWNTOWN BAGHDAD SAFELY! WELCOME HOME & THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!
flag 2nd Lt. Scott Bryant is a Engineer Officer with the 186th Engineer Company Alabama National Guard. Scott has been in the military for 9 years and has been deployed to Kuwait and later Iraq. Scott is the Treasurer for Wild Wings HRC and has been a member of HRC since 2000. Scott has returned safety from Iraq - WELCOME HOME & THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!
canada LT John Keenan, currently serving as Executive Officer of the Canadian Navy's Experimental Diving Unit in Toronto, Ontario. Originally a member with the Kingston Area HRC and after moving to Toronto joined the Luther Marsh HRC. John has served in the Canadian Forces for 18 years, serving in HMCS Annapolis, HMCS Preserver, and HMCS Iroquois. He became Clearance Diving Officer in 1995.

Update 9/18/06 - John has transferred from Experimental Dive Unit in Toronto in June of 2006, and is currently serving on foreign exchange duty at the USN EODTECHDIV in Indian Head, MD. Lt Keenan resides in Stafford, VA and is a member of the Rappahannock River RC.

flag Mike Rebarchak is a Captain in the United States Air Force. He has been an HRC member for the past 9 years. He was a member of the former Front Range HRC, and Retrievers Unlimited HRC. He is currently stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio with his wife Diana and their three children. His 1st lab, HRCH Bang Bang Max is slowing down as he approaches his tenth year and a new pup is in his future. They look forward to joining the HRC family once again at hunt tests this fall.

Not all of those serving our Countries are people - our canine friends also serve. Bless them all.

In this photo from the U.S. Navy, Master at Arms 2nd Class Phillip Darity, a U.S. Navy dog handler, issues commands to his military working dog Argo while conducting a training drill at Camp Patriot, Kuwait, Sunday, March 2, 2003. Argo, who is trained as a bomb and patrol dog, has served in the Navy for about one year and is making his first deployment. Navy police dogs and their Master at Arms handlers are being deployed to assist with force protection at many forward operating areas. (AP Photo/U.S. Navy, Mate 1st Class Arlo K. Abrahamson) HRCM1