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The Mechanics of HRC

The Hunting Retriever Club is democratically governed according to a Constitution and a set of By-Laws drawn up by the founding members in 1984. These documents evolve each year at the National Meeting, during which officers and members vote on changes. Each Club counts as one vote, each Executive Officer counts as one vote, and the immediate past President counts as one vote. In this way, HRC is able to keep pace with the changing demands of the organization.

The Constitution sets guidelines for many activities of HRC. There are three classes of members outlined in the Constitution. An active member is any member in a locale in which there is an existing Hunting Retriever Club. Membership in HRC is open to all people who own, breed or are simply interested in hunting retrievers. HRC is family-oriented, offering outdoor fun and fellowship to its participants. Participation by women and children is strongly encouraged and a wholesome atmosphere is maintained at all times.

Membership at Large is granted to any person who does not live near a Hunting Retriever Club but who wishes to be a part of the organization. Honorary membership is granted to people who have made outstanding notable contributions to the welfare of HRC. Life members are voted upon by secret ballot at the National Meeting and can participate in any organizational activity without paying annual dues.

The Constitution and By-Laws of HRC also set guidelines for affiliation with national dog registries. HRC is affiliated with the United Kennel Club and has no affiliation with another national dog registry. UKC and HRC have many common goals. First of all, HRC and UKC work together to standardize the tests that are given at various HRC Hunts. HRC and UKC also develop rules and regulations that make it possible for the testing standards to be closely adhered to. In addition, UKC is responsible for the registry of dogs by their DNA components, a new and very accurate way to register dogs. This is valuable in instances where a dog may be stolen or altered in some way so as to make it unrecognizable to owners or breeders. By taking DNA samples from a dog and comparing these to samples held by UKC, it is very easy to determine if a stolen dog has been found.

The Constitution, most importantly, sets the ideas for which the Hunting Retriever Club was formed. HRC was formed to give hunters realistic tests for their dogs, and over the years has come to promote several additional ideals. For example, HRC is committed to working toward the breeding and training of better retrievers that will be assets to their owners in the field. HRC also works to educate hunters about safety in the field, training the retriever and better hunting skills. Furthermore, HRC supports the protection of wild game birds through controlled hunts and conservation/management techniques. Finally, the HRC works to help preserve the right to bear arms, hunt and to breed and promote the retriever breed of their choice and, by using its Constitution and By-Laws, accomplishes its tasks effectively.


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