HRC Membership Status

We are working hard to automate the process to inquire about membership status. In the meantime, we are hoping the addition of a membership roster will help fill the gap. The attached document is a list of HRC members that will refresh monthly. The list is sorted alphabetically by last name. In order to reduce the size of the file, if you have a family membership, only the primary member appears.

Member List

What if I am not on the list???

There are several reasons a member would not show up on the list. The most common is that your membership has expired. It could also be misplaced in the sort due to a data entry error. We do our best to clean up the file before posting but with more than 5000 members we may not catch them all.

Try using the search function (Control + F) to find a name that might be out of place because of how it was entered.

Still not there?? Your membership may be expired. If so, you can renew online at UKC. If you have a recent magazine, your membership expiration date shows on your mailing label.

If you are NOT on the list and your membership is NOT expired, reach out to Tammy at HRC ( for assistance.