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HRC 2021 Judge Test On-line

The 2021 HRC Judge Test may be taken by completing the form below and hitting the submit button. This is an open book test. It is helpful to most people to first print out a copy of the test and use the 2021 HRC Rulebook to carefully choose your answers. You can then come back to this form and complete it.

Click here for the PDF to print.

Link to 2021 HRC Rulebook.

Please read the following information and Instructions carefully before beginning the 2021 Judge Test.

ALL HRC Judges are required to take/pass the new Judge Test when it is published in January in odd numbered years as part of the requirements to keep their Judge License active. ALL judges will need to take/pass by 4/30/21 in order to avoid a lapse in your judges license.

Instructions: This is an open-book test based on the 2021 HRC Rulebook.

You may consult with your Field Representative or another Judge if you are unsure of any question. However, you must be the one who completes the test.

You will recieve the results of your test (pass or fail) immediately after you click the "Submit" button.
The results are also recorded by the website and are sent to the HRC Administrative Coordinator for recording in your file and the data base. You may print out your test results page for your records, but you do not need to send a copy to the HRC Administrative Coordinator unless requested to do so.

You must answer a minimum of 15 questions correctly to obtain a passing ‘C’ grade.
If you fail the test, it will be noted in your judge record and you will be allowed to retake the test.
If you fail a second time, you will be required to wait 30 days before attempting to take the test again. During this 30 day period, your license will be placed on ‘hold’ until the test is completed with a passing grade.

* Name
* HRC Membership #
* Home HRC Club
* Street Address
Address (cont.)
* City
* State/Province
* Zip/Postal Code
* Country
* Home Phone
* E-mail
* Required: Confirm E-mail

(Please select your answers carefully and check the entire document before you submit the test)

1. During an upland test, the handler may or may not shoot a popper before the gunners engage the flushed bird.

2. A break in Started is an immediate failure.

3. The tracking and quartering in the Finished Test must follow the Upland guidelines.

4. In Seasoned the cripple bird should be used as the last retrieve.

5. You must shoot a popper prior to running the blind in Seasoned and Finished.

6. In a Started land or water series how many gunners can be standing and visible to the retriever from the running line.

7. How many times in Started can the retriever be cast from the line for each bird.

8. In Started can the retriever be held at the line to achieve steadiness.

9. Who is responsible to be in full camouflage at a retrieving hunt test.

10. If a Judge wishes to move from Started to begin judging Seasoned, they need the following:.

11. HRC Judges need to be mindful and consistent with the philosophy and purpose of the HRC and its programs, also they will uphold the high ideals of HRC by:

12. Judges should evaluate Nose, marking ability, hunting desire, Control, speed and hunting style.

13. The Finished hunting retriever must stay under control and pick up a bird quickly and efficiently.  The Judge can define the retriever to run a predefined route or channel.

14. Practical hunting distances must be used in which category?

15. Is Set up day the same day as the hunt?

16. Is the shotgun at a hunt test required to have a plug in the magazine limiting the gun to a total of three (3) shots?

17. Judges are required to be at the hunt grounds a minimum of 30 mins before starting time on hunt day.

18. Any dog is eligible to participate in the Upland Hunt Test.

19. The Finished retriever must respond promptly to either voice or whistle commands and remain steady and under control at all times.

20. On the day of the hunt, the apprentice judge shall not actively participate in the handlers meeting.


Please do not hit the "Submit Form" button until you are sure you want the form sent.
Only Submit ONE time.

Judges Test On-line
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Revised: January 2021

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