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HRC contains several committees within itself, which are important to the life of the organization. However there are four committees which are absolutely vital to the Club. The Nominating Committee consists of five members in good standing appointed by the President for the purpose of presenting a slate of officers to the membership. One of the five is designated by the President to be the chairman of the committee. Those appointed are to be from different Regions, and no more than one member shall be from the Executive Committee. There is a minimum of two individuals nominated for each office and they are contacted by the Committee members prior to being officially nominated to see if they are willing to serve.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee consists of three members in good standing appointed by the President for the purpose of auditing the accounts of the Treasurer prior to the annual meeting and reports at the annual Board of Directors meeting.

Grand Hunt Committee
The Grand Hunt Committee consists of at least six members. This Committee includes the President, three members appointed by the President, and two members selected from the Grand Hunt host Club. One of the three appointed members is elected Chairman of the Grand Hunt Committee. Appointed members will have voting privileges. The President will vote in the case of a tie vote. The duties of the Grand Hunt Committee will include fundraising, media coverage, site location, budgeting, awards, invitations & premiums, selection of Judges, collection of fees, and coordination with local clubs.

Running Rules Committee
HRC is the only organization of its kind that allows its membership to determine the rules under which the dogs are run. The Running Rules Committee consists of one representative of each region of the HRC, and the President of the HRC. Regional representatives are elected by majority consent of the Presidents of each of the member clubs of the Region. The Regional UKC Field Representative coordinates the election of the Region's Running Rules Committee Representative. In the event that any region does not elect a representative, the President appoints a knowledgeable member from that region. Each member serves a two-year term. Members may be re-elected as many times as may be dictated by majority consensus. The Committee itself elects a member as Chairman. The Running Rules Committee coordinates effective and appropriate running rules changes as may be required based on Committee direction and proposals submitted and sponsored by member Clubs, the UKC, the National Executive Officers, Regional UKC Field Representatives, and any members in good standing. The Running Rules Committee operates according to the "HRC Running Rules Committee Charter" approved by the Board of Directors.



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