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Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.
2020 Board of Directors Meeting

August 1st 2020
Renaissance Hotel, St. Louis, MO


The meeting is open to all HRC members in good standing

Board of Directors Members are encouraged to attend


Regardless of whether or not you are able to attend, each club needs to complete the registration form below to confirm how your club will be represented at the meeting. When you have completed the form, enter the captcha code, and click on the "submit" button.

Please Complete Registration by July 1st, 2020

Registration Fees are as follows

Club President or Elected Board Member $85.00
This includes meeting materials, General Membership Dinner,
BOD Lunch, and the Banquet

BOD Lunch Guest $20.00
Banquet Guest $40.00

If any registration fees are due, the Adminstrative Coordinator will send you an invoice via email.
If you are not attending you will be sent the appropriate form to assign your club's vote.
Please be sure to indicate if you are sending a member of the club (EB) or assigning a Proxy on the form below.

Group rates are available for room reservations made
on or before July 10, 2020

Hotel Reservation Phone Number

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HRC Club Name

Club President Name

HRC Membership #

Is the Club President Attending the National Meeting?

If the Club President is NOT attending, please indicate how your club will be represented at the meeting (Elected Board Member or Proxy Holder).

Elected Board (EB) - Another Member of the Club will be attending. If a member of your club is attending, please complete the additional information request below regarding Membership Meeting and Guest attendance.

Name of the Club Member Attending:


Club Proxy Another Club's President, Another Club's Elected Board Member (EB) or a member of the Executive Committee will carry the club's Proxy.

Name of Proxy Holder:

For EB and Proxy an additional form must be completed and returned. The form will be emailed to you.

If the Club President or a member of the club (EB) is attending, please provide the n
umber of persons (including the President or EB and any guests) attending each of the following events:

Friday General Membership Meeting

Saturday BOD Luncheon

Saturday Evening Banquet

Names of Persons attending the Judge/Handler Seminar on Friday July 31, 2020

Your email

If any payments are due, the Adminstrative Secretary will send you an invoice via email

Enter the code and then click "Submit Form"
If your registration was completed you will receive a message "Thank you for your submission".

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