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HRC 2017/2018 Judge Test On-line

The 2017-2018 HRC Judge Test can be taken by completing the form below and hitting the submit button. This is an open book test. It is helpful to most people to first print out a copy of the test and use the 2017 HRC Rulebook to carefully choose your answers. You can then come back to this form and complete it.

Please read the following information and Instructions carefully before beginning the 2017/2018 Judge Test.

All HRC Judges are required to take a new Judge Test every two (2) years as part of the requirments to keep their Judge License active. Even if you are a new Judge and recently took the old test, you must take the new test.

The purpose of the Judge Test is to require those involved in the Judging of HRC Tests to periodically read the entire rulebook and become familiar with any new Running Rules changes.

The test must be completed by the end of the day April 30, 2017.

You will receive an email confirming your completed test was received and recorded within three business days. If you have do not receive a confirmation email within that time period, please contact the Administrative Secretary at 269-364-2054 or by email at Secretary@H-R-C.org

Instructions: This is an open-book test based on the 2017 HRC Rulebook.
You may consult with your Field Representative or another Judge if you are unsure of any question. However, you must complete the test and is based on your honor.


Here is the test in a PDF for those who want to print the test out. 2017 Judge Test

You must answer a minimum of 15 questions correctly to obtain a passing ‘C’ grade. If you fail the test, it will be noted in your Judge Record and you will be allowed to retake the test. If you fail a second time, you will be required to wait 30 days and your License will be placed on ‘hold’ status until the test is completed with a passing grade.

* Name
* HRC Membership #
* Home HRC Club
* Street Address
Address (cont.)
* City
* State/Province
* Zip/Postal Code
* Country
* Home Phone
* E-mail
* Required: Confirm E-mail

(Please select your answers carefully and check the entire document before you submit the test)

1. If a designated gunner is used in a test, the individual acting as the gunner must be at least 12 years of age, have completed a hunter safety course, and be approved by the judges of the test where the gunner is being used.

2. Seasoned blinds must be a minimum of 40 yards and a maximum of 60 yards.

3. If the Started handler opts to shoot the shotgun, the dog may be hand held.

4. At the judge's discretion, a Finished retriever may be required to pick up marks in an established order.

5. In the Seasoned test, a diversionary bird may be thrown after the walk-up, blind, or after either retrieve of the
double mark.

6. Reruns shoul be placed at least three (3) dogs down the line instead of being brought back to the line immediately. Judges should also give instructions on the rerun to the Marshal.

7. In a Started test, when Bird Boys and Gunners are hidden, an attention getting gun shot(s) OR a duck or a goose call may be used before birds are thrown.

8. In a Started test, the dog can be cast from the retrieving line twice but the Seasoned retriever can only be cast once.

9. If an owner/handler who is participating at a licensed UKC event is determined by a Club Officer(s), Judge or event official to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, the owner/handler and their dog are to be excused immediately and must leave the hunt grounds.

10. A Finished hunting retriever must be required to honor another hunting retriever at or near the retrieving line. When a Finished hunting retriever is honoring, its view of the hunting test cannot be obstructed. To successfully complete this portion of the test, a Finished hunting retriever shall be required to honor all segments of the test; the marks, the blinds, and the diversion (if thrown).

11.The Upland is judged according to the rules already established in this rulebook for the Seasoned Hunting Retriever.

12. If another dog interferes with a working dog and causes a poor performance, the dog interfered with should be judged without any consideration for the interference.

13. It is permissible for a retriever with Seasoned points to be used as a Started test dog as long as it does not have an HR title.

14. In the quartering portion of the Upland test, the dog does not need to run a pattern, but should show a natural ability to hunt the cover and be under control.

15. Maximum entry limits are:
STARTED: Entries not to exceed 50 dogs per flight.
SEASONED: Entries not to exceed 50 dogs per flight.
FINISHED: Entries not to exceed 30 dogs per flight.
UPLAND: Entries not to exceed 40 dogs per flight.

16. The following are desirable traits of a true hunting retriever. The will be judged according to the test standard, which will vary between each category:
1. Marking ability and memory
2. Color
3. Hunting desire
4. Control
5. Hunting style

17. A club may hold _____ Upland tests on the same day.

18. Persons wishing to serve as an HRC Judge must be at least _____years of age before applying.

19. The performance of a dog using the wind to get the bird should not be considered during the evaluation.

20. If the Judges suspect a retriever is injured while running a hunt test, they should have the handler call the dog in and it will fail the test.

(do not hit the "Submit Form" button until you are sure you want the form sent! Only Submit ONE time.)
Judges Test On-line
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